InnovaMine Review 2019

The Best Cloud Mining Service of 2019 !

InnovaMine are a regulated Cloud Mining & Trading company who are regulated by the Australian Securities & Investnment Comission.
As a registered & regulated company you can be sure that your investment in their services will be safe as they must strictly adhere to the rules and regulations that come with being a regulated company.

InnovaMine offer Cloud Mining services for BTC / ETH & LTC and also the option to trade various crypto currencies.

Their prices are fixed for 2 yearsand include the option to withdraw instantly or reinvest generated profit back into mining power
We use InnovaMine ourselves and they have thousands of happy and satisfied customers.

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Select desired coin to mine, enter your proposed investment and see the hashrate you will get and how much BTC / ETH / LTC will be mined and the equivilant USD value

Coins To Mine

Bitcoin ( BTC )

Current Price : 1 BTC = $7374.65


  • Minimum Hashrate : 1.3 TH/s
  • Maintenance Fee : Included
  • Hardware : Antminer S15
  • Automatic Payout In : BTC
  • 2 Year Contract
  •  In Stock
  •  Reinvest Profit Option
  • Min Purchase : $20 ( 1.3 TH/s )

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Ethereum ( ETH )

Current Price : 1 ETH = $154.43


  • Minimum Hashrate : 5 MH/s
  • Maintenance Fee : Included
  • Hardware : InnovaMine GPU Rigs
  • Automatic Payout In : ETH
  • 2 Year Contract
  •  In Stock
  •  Reinvest Profit Option
  • Min Purchase : $20 ( 5 MH/s )

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Litecoin ( LTC )

Current Price : 1 LTC = $47.64


  • Minimum Hashrate : 30 MH/s
  • Maintenance Fee : Included
  • Hardware : Antminer L3
  • Automatic Payout In : LTC
  • 2 Year Contract
  •  In Stock
  •  Reinvest Profit Option
  • Min Purchase : $20 ( 30 MH/s )

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Innovamine?
It is a state-of-the-art cloud mining service offering users a safe, secure and hassle-free way to purchase all the hashing power they would need to mine cryptocurrency.They can do all this without the hassle of intricate software installation or buying expensive hardware. Our solution provides mining power to anyone who needs it.

Will I need to pass through any account verification or will I have to send you my personal identification to register?
No! the service can be used without providing us any personal verification. Though an email verification is imperative for your account security.

What coins can I mine with Innovamine?
Using Innovamine, you can currently mine Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

How are you able to confidently guarantee 100% uptime?
Computer hardware like all other types of equipment can crash, break or slow down, which is unpredictable for the most part. However, we have algorithms in place to ensure that miners are allocated the fastest, most efficient pools to compensate for a possible loss in hashing power. That way you don't lose any mining capability.

What type of returns can I expect?
Mining altcoin and Bitcoin are heavily dependent on the level of difficulty of the hash compared to the current prices of these cryptos, both of which are hard to predict. It would for all intentsand purposes be a conflict of interest if we provided both, i.e. mining performance data and also sold contracts. That's why it is recommended that you do your own research and calculate if it is something you can turn into a profitable venture.

What is the frequency of the mining outputs I would receive?
Outputs are sent daily.

How to withdraw funds?
Just use the CASHOUT option mentioned on the Dashboard